Tugba Yazici was born in Istanbul. After studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts Painting Department, she received "Fashion Design" education at the Istanbul Fashion Academy between 2012-2014. Besides the paintings she produced and the exhibitions she organized, she created her brand in 2014; she adapted her paintings from canvas and adapted them to her designs and created a brand as "Tugba Yazıcı".

Through the "Portable Art" concept, the artist combines her paintings with fashion; today, it is carried around the world in colorful, bold, and different designs. Their designs are worn in many countries of the world. She also continues her painting studies and participates in international exhibitions. The artist also lives in Florida.

Exhibitions and contests she attended until now as follows :

- 2022 New York Art Expo, New York
- 2021 Spectrum Miami, Miami
- 2020 Project exhibitions, Florida
- 2019 Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
- 2019 Art Expo NYC,New York, USA
- 2019 Burnett Art Gallery-SOLO- Boston, USA
- 2019 Special Bank Exhibition-SOLO-Boston, USA
- 2018 Spectrum Miami Art FairMiami, USA
- 2018 Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre, Louvre Museum Paris, FRANCE
- 2018 New York Art Expo, New York, USA
- 2017 Spectrum Miami Art Fair, Miami, USA
- 2017 MAC, Montreux Art Fair, Montreux, SWITZERLAND
- 2017 "Art Shopping Contemporary" in Louvre Museum, Paris , FRANCE
- 2016 Paris Thuillier Art Gallery (Painting and Design)
- 2014 MESIAD Fashion Show
- 2014 MESIAD Design Competition (Selected to the Top 15)
- 2012 Ziraat Bank (Solo Exhibition - Painting)
- 2012 Cercel d'Orient (Solo Exhibition - Painting)
- 2011 Florence Biennale
- 2011 Pera Fine Arts (Design Competition - Honor Award)
- 2010 Pera Fine Arts (Artistic Costume Competition - 2nd Prize)
- 2009 Istanbul Artist Art Fair
- 2009 Istanbul Atatürk Library (Solo Exhibition - Painting)
- 2008 Chicago Turkish Festival
- 2007 Chicago Turkish Festival
- 2007 Artev Art Gallery (Group Exhibition)