I Have A Story

In life, suddenly big waves and their effects

My inspiration comes from the Little Mermaid story. You know the story… It’s about a young mermaid who is willing to give up her life in the sea for her love and dream.
As a result of his deal with the Sea Witch, she gives up her tail and has beautiful legs. But she won't be able to talk anymore. No one will understand her even if she tells her story because she lives in another world.
The Little Mermaid can't talk at the end of the story. But she shows her culture in motifs and colors and tells her character. It's part of a mosaic with color and pattern.
In my paintings, I've always tried to paint a woman's feelings. I was attracted to sadness, happiness, relax, thoughtful, joyful. And I adapted these into daily life: sometimes with a sweatshirt, sometimes on a bag or scarfs.
My country and my life had changed over time. I've added new colors and new topics to what I've done.
At first, the feeling was enough for me, but now I've put my pictures together in a story.
As in the story of the Little Mermaid, these works about those who can change their lives for their dreams.
My dream is that my paintings travel around the world with a portable art motto and to take place in museums and museum shops. The arts I have combined with fashion take place in many parts of the world today.

In this artwork, the world of women's emotion and the struggle against external factors is described.
It highlights the struggle of women to be vulnerable and to be strong because of the pressures and traumas in life.
Whatever the difficulties in life, the woman is a powerful being in her aura.
Find yourself and never submit.